Interprovincial Bridge in Orleans?

Have you heard recently about this new interprovincial bridge that might be coming to the the Orleans area? I attended a meeting earlier this evening for the Convent Glen Orleans Wood Community Association and heard a bit more information about this potential bridge coming in our back yard. You can see below the proposed sites of the bridge.

Interprovincial bridge in Orleans - proposed sites

Interprovincial bridge in Orleans - proposed sites

















It seems that there isn’t too much information in the news about this proposed bridge. Did you know that this interprovincial bridge, if accepted might be right in our back yard? It could be going through the Green Belt!! It could be as high as 10 stories! This would be the tallest structure in Orleans. It would potentially increase the traffic (based on some studies) of more than 3,000 cars per day accessing the 174 towards Ottawa. How a bout the added noise in the neighbourhood? How much would that affect the rush hour in the morning AND the evening.

I am not sure about you, but I think that as Orleans residents we should be aware of how this could potentially impact all of us.

Keep an eye out as there will be a public meeting held some time in May with additional information. You can also visit the web site dedicated to keep us all informed of what is happening regarding this matter ( ). You can also visit another web site which will keep you informed of the Convent Glen Orleans Wood Community Association.